Each SIP Trunk channel include:
- Unlimited outbound calls to the US48 and Canada1
- Unlimited inbound calls to your local numbers
- Include 1 channel (1 Inbound call / 1 outbound call).

IMPORTANT: If you decide to not add SIP Trunk Channels in your order, you need to buy and set up a SIP trunk to make and receive calls. We will assist you to configure the SIP Trunk service in your MovilVox-Yeastar Cloud PBX after you bought it.

SIP Trunk provider recommended: SipTrunk

¹ Unlimited minute extensions are subject to fair use restrictions. Some of MovilVox’s plans and other Services are offered on an “unlimited minutes” basis. All unlimited plans: • May only be used for normal business purposes, not including call centers or other type of “call blasts” or marketing campaigns. • Are provided only for dialog between two individuals at any given time per extension. • Exclude international calling, which is available for an additional fee. • Unlimited minutes are issued on a “single concurrent call basis”, meaning that in case of concurrent (simultaneous) calls only the first call will be unlimited and other concurrent calls will be assessed minutes. The term “Unlimited Minutes” applies only to calls that are terminated or initiated from a MovilVox extension associated with an IP Phone or a Softphone that is defined as an “Unlimited Minutes Extension” or “Unlimited Extensions”, and does not overlap with any calls to the same extension. • Unlimited plans also may not be used for any of the following prohibited uses (which are in addition to the other prohibited uses applicable to all Services): • Trunking or forwarding your MovilVox number to (an)other phone number(s) capable of handling multiple simultaneous calls, or to a private branch exchange (PBX) or a key system that is billed on a per minute basis only, unless otherwise specifically agreed. • Spamming or blasting (e.g., sending one hundred (100) or more bulk and/or junk voicemail or faxes simultaneously). • Bulk call-in lines (e.g., customer support or sales call centers, “hotlines”, 900 numbers, sports-line numbers, etc.). • Auto-dialing or “predictive” dialing (i.e., non-manual dialing or using a software program or other means to continuously dial or place out-bound calls). In addition, unusually high usage of the Services may impair MovilVox’s ability to provide high quality Services to others and/or indicate unauthorized use of the Services, in which case MovilVox may suspend or terminate your account or, upon prior notice, convert your account to a metered calling plan that charges higher usage rates.
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