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MovilVox Cloud PBX


You’re only a few minutes away from renovating your business communication system. MovilVox-Yeastar Cloud PBX comes with a great number of robust features, an intuitive web interface for easy configuration and management, as well as Linkus Mobile Client for BYOD solution.

Simply sign up to get a free ride on MovilVox-Yeastar Cloud PBX. 100% free to try. No obligation to buy. Rest assured, and let MovilVox lead your journey to the cloud.

When you sign up, you will receive:

  • Free Cloud PBX with 5 users and 4 concurrent calls
  • Full use of a complete cloud business phone system
  • BYOD mobility with free Linkus Mobile Client
  • All-inclusive communication features
  • Access to Web-based portal for admin & user

* Currently, this 15-days free trial of MovilVox-Yeastar Cloud PBX is not available for users in certain countries. Other restrictions may apply.

* MovilVox DOES NOT provide calling minutes. You need to buy and set up a SIP trunk to make calls.

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