Solution for Transportation Industry

Solution for Transportation Industry

As a experienced retail professional, you understand that communication between stores, suppliers, warehouses, buyers, and sales teams is vital for creating better customer service and supply management. And the traditional telephone system with soaring maintenance cost has also been unable to meet the needs of the retail chain. To stay ahead, a reliable phone system is essential for keeping your retail business running smoothly and increasing customer satisfaction.

Ground, marine, and airport transportation all have unique requirements when it comes to business telephone system. But they all ask for a flexible and reliable communication system.

With the demand of retail communication, MovilVox introduces a feature-rich VoIP communication solution, including voice over IP communications, call queues, conference calls, voice recording, voice mail, etc. MovilVox-Yeastar S-Series PBX connects PSTN and VoIP networks to lower communication costs. Adopting advanced voice processing techniques, it provides quality voice calls for users. The embedded system makes management and maintenance easy with intuitive Web interface, ensuring carrier-grade operation and reliability. MovilVox system can help connect hundreds of retail stores nationwide and simplify the management of communications, networking and security.

Solution Highlights

  • Linkus Mobile Client

    Drivers, ground crews can install Linkus Mobile Client on the smartphones to bring their extensions with them all the time


  • Longtime Stability

    Hot standby feature enables the standby server to take over when the primary server is down and notify the administrator via email or SMS.


  • Broad Compatibility

    Compatible with various IP-PBX and traditional PBX, MovilVox-Yeastar IP-PBX could also be seamlessly integrated with other management system like ERP, OA, CRM, and dispatching system.

  • Quick deployment

    The IP-based MovilVox-Yeastar IP-PBX does not require complicated cabling and can be easily configured and managed with Web interface.


  • Easy maintenance

    User friendly Web GUI with intuitive navigation. Anyone with basic networks knowledge could conduct the daily management and maintenance.


  • Rich functionalities

    Built-in features like conferencing, video call, call recording, intercom boost the productivity and enhance efficiency.

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