Solution for Schools and Universities

Solutions for Schools and Universities

As the scale of the various school expands unceasingly, most of the schools has established a relatively perfect data network, with their own education network. In such a superior network environment, all kinds of school could use the existing data network resources to explore the campus IP voice communications system, increasing the communication level of the school significantly.

Demand Analysis

  • Connect the existing education network and PSTN network, make full use of bandwidth resource, and extend the VoIP system.
  • To avoid the old telecommunication lines aging and the problem of rewiring around campus.
  • Easy expansion to adapt to the development of school.
  • Integrate the resource of multi-campus voice, saving the communication cost.
  • Connect campus security network system for a safe campus environment.

Recommended Features

  • Paging Announcement

    Dial the overhead speakers or IP phones in the classroom or other public areas to make voice announcement and broadcast emergency alerts.

  • Conferencing

    Enhance multi-campus and student-teacher communication with audio and video conferencing calls.

  • Mobility

    Teachers on-the-go can be easily available on their mobile phone with mobility extension feature enabled and even more, with Linkus Mobile Client installed, they can have their office feature sets all the time.

  • LDAP Directory

    Using the school’s directory, teachers and students can find people by searching name, department, email address, title, etc.

  • Surveillance

    Integrated with SIP cameras, door phones, and other surveillance products, your S-Series VoIP PBX system is also protecting your school with voice and surveillance combined.


  • Without rebuilding original telephone system, MovilVox-Yeastar PBX integrates education network and PSTN network, improving the utilization of resources.


  • All the extensions in the school can make free calls to each other, regardless of the location.


  • Thanks to the modular and scalable design of S-Series VoIP PBX, the school can expand users and lines when need to, without ditching the current PBX.


  • The perfect fusion of S-Series PBX and IP video surveillance system can achieve control and access to video front-ends from SIP terminals through simple a SIP call and provide solutions of integration of real-time video surveillance with voice communication.

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