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Connecting branch offices, home-based employees, and enabling companies to distribute the features and applications of a central PBX.

Brings All Your Workers Together

Work is no longer about one place, but activity could be done from almost anywhere. More and more businesses are embracing the idea that remote office connectivity greatly saves them costs by eliminating site to site calling charges and dramatically improves flexibility. Yet complicated system integration, inefficient inter-branch communications, and many more issues do exist for enterprises to keep dispersed teams to collaborate with each other seamlessly and effectively.

MovilVox PBX and VoIP Gateway solutions help your clear the obstacles and keep everything in tandem so as to achieve the highest efficiency.


One System for Multiple Locations

Whether it be cloud or on-premises, MovilVox PBX systems can serve all your locations – large, small, global, and even at-home offices – via the internet. With the cutting-edge cloud and innovative on-premise PBX remote working solutions like Linkus Cloud Service, extend full suite of central phone system and UC features to multiple sites seamlessly.

Hassle-free Inter-office Collaboration

Connect employees at different locations with advanced features such as direct extension-dialing, shared company contacts, video conferencing, Linkus UC Clients, presence, instant messaging and many more to make your teams communicate and work as if they were in the same office.

Networking Existing Infrastructure

MovilVox PBX system together with VoIP gateways can interconnect your existing analog/IP infrastructures – PBXs, handsets, and phone lines, etc. – across multiple locations, so you can best leverage your existing devices, easily build temporarily office, while providing the branches with an appearance of corporate unity.

Slashed Communications Costs

Link multiple systems from both the headquarter and branch offices to make inter-branch calling free-of-charge and reduce outbound call costs by sharing trunks among offices to extend your available resources across your multiple locations.

Benefits from MovilVox solutions

  • Ability to unify dispersed locations and teleworkers
  • Share full suite of business phone system features across branches
  • Advanced UC&C capacities for easier team collaboration
  • Enhanced mobility with Linkus UC Clients
  • Easy, fast deployment and central management
  • Reduced inter-branch communications costs

Looking for an On-Site Solution?

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