PBX Management

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PBX Management


Manage and Monitor Customer-Premises Devices Easily and Security, from a Central Platform
Built for both On Site S-Series VoIP PBX and MovilVox-Yeastar Cloud PBX, MovilVox Management is a robust centralized platform for easy management and configuration of our Cloud PBX or customer-premises PBXs, giving us the power to quickly and securely take control without having to travel to the equipment.

Easy and Secure Management

Leveraging Management, we can configure customer’s PBX regardless of your location while our customers get Level 2 technical support. All remote connections are HTTPS secured. Moreover, every command is double checked by device connection authentication and role-based access control.


Real-time Monitoring and Notification

An all-in-one dashboard presents  a real-time eagle-eye overview of all our customer-premises PBXs and Cloud PBX from a central point. By automatically monitoring the devices status, Remote Management takes the great burden off your shoulder.


Recurring Revenue

Management not only allows for efficient management of our customer-premises PBXs, but also enable us to create a recurring revenue stream by monetizing support services. Excellent technical support always bears great significance in continued revenue. The ability to proactive monitoring and reaction contributes to a more efficient, successful and profitable solution.

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